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Vancouver Ranked 6th Family Friendly City

Posted by Leo Bruneau on Monday, November 20th, 2017 at 11:06am.

Earlier this month, Homeday released a study to discover the most family friendly city around the world. The cities were selected based on the desire to raise families. We are proud to say that Vancouver was ranked number 6 in the study.

The Study

Homeday conducted the study by asking hundreds of parents what they considered most important for raising a family. Five main categories were determined throughout the study: City, Maternity and Health, Happiness, Travel and Activities, and Expert Perception. While parents considered affordability and pollution, their biggest considerations are good schools and the ability to buy a home. Thousands of cities were analyzed and a list of the 100 top cities came up. For these 100 cities, they were ordered based on parent and professional polls.

The Results

Each city received a mark out of 10 for each category. While Vancouver scored under six points for housing, it received over eight for education, happiness, safety, pollution, child activities and transportation. Also, out of all the Canadian cities, Vancouver scored the highest. Steffen Wicker, the managing director at Homeday, stated that the most important factor for young families when looking for real estate is a location that is good for family development.

Family Friendly City Rankings

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