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This may be a good time for you to learn more about the real estate housing market. While more people are steering towards attached homes, you might be able to sneak into the detached housing market.

General info about the market

When Buyers have less choice due to a lack of supply in homes currently listed for sale they are typically competing with many Buyers which creates fierce demand for homes. As a result Properties in the market will sell fast and the market value will be pushed up resulting in a Sellers market. Alternatively a market with Above average Supply will give Buyers choice and lends buyers an opportunity to negotiate and develop a Buyers Market.

Attached Housing Market

There was a steady increase in demand in November for

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From the first step into the myriad of lights decorating the path around Lafarge Lake, you will instantly feel as if you walked into Christmas town. The lights at Lafarge Lake are an annual display set up around the holiday season. Seeing the amazing light display can easily turn into an annual tradition for you and your family. As the largest light display in the Lower Mainland, it features hundreds of thousands of bright lights. The twinkling glow helps guide you around the lake. The beautiful lights provide a warm glow in the winter night.

Community made light display

The members of the Coquitlam community made most of the lights using recycled materials. Can you believe that they used pop bottles and milk jugs? If you're interested in taking

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Many people and other realtors will tell you that you shouldn't sell during the holidays. It's a busy season, there's a lot to plan for. With Christmas on the way, no one has time for it. And while it may be true that there's a lot going on, we say DO IT! You yourself might also be busy with preparing for Santa's arrival or other holiday traditions. But trust US, this is the perfect time to sell your home and here's a list of reasons why.

1. Less competition

A lot of people will take their houses off the market in December, or will choose to delay putting their house up for sale till the new year. They do this for 2 reasons. Homeowners find themselves too busy with the holiday season and they also think buyers will be too busy to be looking at

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Home staging is very important when it comes to trying to sell a house. An empty house might appear cold, lonely and barren. But adding a little something to fill it up could give just enough warmth to the space.

Home staging

When you move, you take your things with you and that sometimes leaves your house empty and barren. This is not the kind of environment you want when you host home showings. You want people to see a vibrant and cozy home where they can feel comfortable and can picture themselves living in the space.

Room transformations

When a room is empty, it's hard to imagine what it would look like when it's filled. Even just the basic of furniture can add vibrancy to a room. Just adding a little bit of wall art makes a huge

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It's the spookiest time of the year and it's time for some Halloween fun. Get ready to tell a scary story or visit a haunted house.

Are you brave enough to visit a haunted house?

443 Draycott Street, Coquitlam V3K 5K1

For a number of years now, the family at 443 Draycott Street in Coquitlam have bravely set up spooky Halloween displays in and around their own house. The family puts together a Haunted house for everyone from small children to adults to enjoy. The event, while gives some freaky entertainment to the community, is also a fundraiser for the Children's Charity, Variety.

What does it cost?

The spooky display opens on October 20, 2017 and goes from 6:30 to 9:00 PM and is wheelchair accessible. And the cost to enter is a donation of…
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Hello everyone! Come check out our open house this Saturday and Sunday at 617 Schoolhouse Street. Date: Saturday, September 16, 2017 & Sunday, September 17, 2017 Address: 617 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam V3J 5P6 Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm This beautiful home is located in central Coquitlam with Poirier Rec Center and Como Lake Park both within walking distance. The rooms in this home are spacious and have large windows to provide plenty of natural light. The house went through a full renovation and in every room you can see the care the owner's had for their home.

The house has 3 bedrooms (2 upstairs and 1 on the lower level), 3 bathrooms (2 full and 1 half), and a large rec room. The home also has a gorgeous kitchen with a large central island with

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The game Monopoly might be a surprisingly good training ground to prepare you for buying real estate, and playing Monopoly with your kids could be a great teachable moment. Take the time during the game to throw in some real world pointers, and you might find yourself learning along the way. 1. Patience Your family has decided to play Monopoly. grab a snack and a drink because the game, just like real life, is going to take a while. :) LESSON: Buying real estate is a process. Getting pre-approval for a loan, finding an agent that's the right fit for you, searching for homes, submitting an offer, maybe submitting another offer, the home inspection, property paperwork to go over, and getting final approval for your mortgage before you get the keys.…
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This year was a very busy year in real estate in the Lower Mainland. Many houses selling well above the asking price. Lot's of buyers wanting to purchase homes, and not enough homes for everyone. Two weeks till Christmas and the buyers are still actively looking to buy. Everyone is wondering, will this continue into 2016. RE/MAX has just released their yearly Housing Market Outlook. Below is a link to the report, have a quick read and see what they are predicting for next year: greater demand and less supply will continue to put upward pressure on detached house prices. REMAXHousingMarketOutlook2016 It's a great time to be a seller! Give us a call at 604-936-1111 or email us at
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Below is a photo tour of some samples of what $300,000 will get you in the U.S., the U.K. plus a few other countries. While Londoners can expect to get a small apartment for their £200,000, away from the capital, the same money would buy a whole street’s worth of homes. I also checked into China, but as you’d expect, the range is similar to that found elsewhere, from city-center hovels to cheap country homes to farmhouses. Other non-surprises were the tiny apartments in Hong Kong and Japan, where your $300,000 gets you little more than a walk-in closet, and the difference between the capitals of Germany and Greece. In Berlin (not the richest city in Germany by any means), you can get a tiny two-bed apartment in the chaotic Kreuzberg neighborhood. In…
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