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Should you sell during the holidays?

Posted by Leo Bruneau on Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 at 12:32pm.

Many people and other realtors will tell you that you shouldn't sell during the holidays. It's a busy season, there's a lot to plan for. With Christmas on the way, no one has time for it. And while it may be true that there's a lot going on, we say DO IT! You yourself might also be busy with preparing for Santa's arrival or other holiday traditions. But trust US, this is the perfect time to sell your home and here's a list of reasons why.

1. Less competition

A lot of people will take their houses off the market in December, or will choose to delay putting their house up for sale till the new year. They do this for 2 reasons. Homeowners find themselves too busy with the holiday season and they also think buyers will be too busy to be looking at homes. However, there will always be buyers needing to purchase a home and you can be guaranteed there will be buyers out there around Christmas and they will be serious buyers who have to purchase. Buyers want a home and what better Christmas present is there than getting a home of your own. With less homes on the market during Christmas, it means that your home could be ripe for the picking.

2. Serious buyers


Buyers at Christmas time are serious. It's a testament to how serious they are if they haven't put their home search on hold for the holidays. You will find people who are genuinely interested in your home. A lot of buyers during this time need to move. Whether they have already sold their home or have to relocate by the end of the year. Usually they are looking to find a place ASAP.

3. Serious agents

Our agents will help you sell your home even throughout the holidays. Many real estate agents take time off to visit with family during the holidays, but we put clients and the community first. If you want to sell during the holidays, we can help set up the best strategy for you. We can even help with Christmas decorating* for seasonal home staging to make your house feel festive and homey. We'll hang just the right amount of garland and set up the perfect tree that'll have visitors feel Christmas magic from your home. Get in touch with us if you or someone you know plans on buying or selling a home. Call us at 604-936-1111 or email at

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