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House vs Condo?

Posted by Leo Bruneau on Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 4:40pm.

A huge part of the home-buying process is figuring out exactly what is right for you. This means deciding what kind of home you want, whether it be a condo in a city or a single-family house in the suburbs. The most important thing is that you are happy with your choice and prioritize your well-being.


Buying a house comes with quite a bit of responsibility. As a house owner, it is your duty to pay all of the expenses related to owning and maintaining your property. However, because it is your house and you own the property, as a house owner, you are completely in control of the decorating and style components of your home. You are able to take advantage of both the exterior and interior space. If you decide to paint your house a green and yellow, there's no one to stop you from fulfilling all of your home-improvement dreams. Another great part about having a house is that it gives you complete privacy. You have your space to use freely with no need to worry about others. See the houses we have listed:


With busier life schedules and a need for convenience, condos are becoming a more popular purchase among home owners. Condo living allows for a low-maintenance lifestyle as the monthly strata fees you would have to pay would cover the exterior and structure expenses. However, owning a condo means owning the interior space of your unit. Any structural changes would require approval from the strata council. In condo living, you are restricted by the by-laws of the building. While you may enjoy the amenities of the building, they are shared among the other members of the building. Unfortunately, even on the ground floor with a large patio, you probably won't be able to build your dream zen garden, however, you could still enjoy a maintenance-free outdoor space. See the condos we have listed:

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