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Prepare your home for fall

Fall is already here and if you're anything like me, you're a little behind on the home upkeep. Yikes! But don't worry. There's still plenty of time to make sure your home is fall-proof to withstand the weather. Here are some smart maintenance tips to make your home ready for fall.


gas fireplace, home listing

This stunning two level family home in Maple Ridge is listed on our website and has a lovely fireplace that will keep the home cozy and warm all through fall and winter.

Check for drafts

go around to every door and window in the house and make sure no draft is coming through them. If you feel a draft, be sure to seal around the frame properly. One way to check for drafts is to light a candle and hold it near a window or

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Why have a security camera?

When things go bump in the night, I'm sure you'd want to know whether it's the dog or a ghost. If you are brave enough to check what it is, but maybe not enough to open the door to take a peak yourself, you could always try to set up a security camera so you could check right on your phone. Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular in homes to keep families safe. Having one could offer enough assurance to help you sleep at night. You could be aware of who approaches your home and know whether that banging is a burglar or just a bird.

Where to set up your security camera?

Knowing the best location to place a security camera to keep track of your home can be a struggle. Any ground level entry points, such as

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When selling a home, first impressions matter. That’s why staging is key for creating an emotional connection with buyers. Signs of a happy life (like the scent of freshly baked cookies or a book beside the sofa) can instantly boost a prospective buyer’s mood and maximize your home’s selling potential. Here are a few important tips about the process.

home-staging-bookshelves.jpg Do: Declutter your space. This is by far the most important step for staging and resale. Organize every nook and cranny, including closets and cupboards. It doesn’t seem like much, but going the extra mile will help leave a lasting impression. Do: Paint your walls white. Crisp white walls will make your home feel extra fresh and clean. Opt for a simple off-white shade like Slipper Satin by Farrow…
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There are some amazing new home decor trends that you might want to take a look at. This season, add a splash of nature into your home to make it become more lively. Check out this seasons 5 popular decorating trends to help give you inspiration to style your home.

1. Emerald Green

Nature-inspired hues are very popular in home decor this season. Make your room rich with a beautiful emerald green. For a dramatic look, layer the shades of green. This is a great color to match with different prints and patterns. Emerald green is a mix of warm, moody and energetic. It's perfect to evoke a feeling of luxury. It's eye-catching and will be the focus in any room.

2. Brass accessories and accents

A cute trend this winter is to add brass geometric

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